Che, Mao and Stalin Oh My!

I just watched Glenn Beck’s special documentary “Live Free or Die” that aired January 23, 2010, about communism, socialism and totalitarianism…. what evil… It’s sad how our culture has lifted the likes of Marx, Mao, Stalin and Che Guevara to the ranks of cult heroes. These dictators were truly murderous and evil. I even “googled” these three men, and their Wiki pages don’t list any of their atrocities. In fact, on Mao Zedong’s page lists him as Controversial. He’s possibly the worst of the group killing an estimated 70 million people. Wikipedia never mentions him as a dictator or murder; no they call him a “philosopher” and a “poet” and “visionary.” In fact the word dictator only appears once on his Wiki page as, “Some historians claim that Mao Zedong was a dictator…”

Wait… Some… SOME??? What the hell is going on here?

Che is fashionable, with his face plastered on any famous person’s shirt, jewelry or bikini bottoms. Where did our culture go wrong in thinking it’s not only ok to promote a mass murder that hated black people, not only ok though but to lift him up as a great man. I’m just getting into the real history of these people, that I never learned about in my history classes throughout me school career. But I’m terrified at the fact that I was so poorly educated about these evil, I mean seriously evil men.